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​Schools are key to introducing young people to culture

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Schools are key to introducing young people to culture, to driving progression and engagement and to ensuring level access to cultural opportunities. Culture Bridge North East will support schools by encouraging engagement in local networks and partnerships and engagement with cultural organisations, by encouraging uptake of Artsmark and Arts Award, by signposting cultural partners and encouraging schools to champion cultural learning.

Cultural Leadership in Education programme

Culture Bridge North East's Cultural Leadership in Education Programme for teachers has been developed in partnership with Newcastle University North Leadership Centre, with the aim of building a group of cultural leaders in schools to lead cultural learning experiences.

Participants will be helped to understand their role as curriculum leaders, to raise awareness and to promote opportunities for cultural and creative learning within their own schools and across a network of local schools. They will be advocates for arts and culture and will be able to assess and articulate the impact on children and young people as well as be thoroughly informed about cultural organisations.

Rachel Dembry, Head of Art at Whitburn Church of England Academy, explains how she found the first session: “Personally I found the course enlightening and inspiring; for a head of subject with 16 years’ experience that is a wonderful thing! I felt safe and nurtured to be around other like-minded individuals who also saw the value in the arts.

“I feel a whole new creative world has opened up in front of me because of the Cultural Leadership in Education course and now that the door is wide open things will never be the same. My next steps are to spread the word to the staff at my school, I hope to encourage them to place more value on culture and include it more in day to day lessons by sharing fantastic examples. Funding is something else I’ve been researching and I look forward to day two of the course in March, for more inspiration, help and support so I can then become a cultural leader who inspires staff and enriches the lives of our students.”

Jack Gardener, Hotspur Primary School, said: “The cultural leadership training was hugely beneficial. As well as being thought provoking and inspiring it reminded me about the reasons I originally went into education and of the powers of culture and the arts within school. I would thoroughly recommend it to other teachers and practitioners.”

Sign up details for the next cohort will be available soon for the Cultural Leadership in Education programme.

News and resources

Culture Bridge North East's school engagement strategy

Our schools engagement strategy sits alongside our wider work with the culture sector and is built on the principle of empowering and inspiring school leaders and teachers to innovate and embed good practice. Read our strategy summary.

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