Blog: Next steps for our Artsmark journey

09 October 2018

Next steps for our Artsmark journey

By Tracey Round, Foundation Stage Manager, Burradon Community Primary School

Burradon Community Primary School is currently reapplying for Artsmark. As a community school within a small pit village we have a wealth of heritage that defines who we are and we have had the opportunity to explore this in a range of different art forms across the years. Our heritage is very important to us and our children have a good understanding of where they have come from and have expressed this through art. We now feel it is time to think about how we represent our present and future through the arts.

We are currently beginning the second year of our Artsmark journey. During our first year we have taken part in a variety of projects which have ranged from a whole school project based around the text ‘Only One You’ by Linda Kranz which allowed all children to express their individuality and uniqueness by designing a pebble for the woodland area to incorporating an art element to our International week. Children have been involved in working with local artist to create a piece of artwork linked to the text ‘The Rainbow Fish’.  

During the first year of our Artsmark journey we set up a group of Arts Ambassadors to be the pupil’s voice. Children were selected from the ‘Gifted and Talented’ register as having a talent in an area of the arts. These children organised two poster competitions in school linked to the Laing Art Gallery and the NHS 70 Year Anniversary. Looking forward to our new academic year, Arts Ambassadors will be selected from children who have an interest in the arts rather than a talent and as such will represent a cross section of the pupil’s voice. An art based house afternoon during the second part of the Autumn term based around Christmas will require the Arts Ambassadors to find out the activities children will enjoy in order that activities can be planned to meet their needs and requirements.

Next steps for our Artsmark journey include working on projects that involve parents and the local community. We are planning to arrange an activity during the spring term linked to work covered by the ECO Team and the outdoor area where parents can come into school and create a piece of art work using recyclable bottle tops for the outdoor area. We are also involved in a community project to redevelop an area of the village. Children have been asked by residents to design fencing linked to our heritage to an area of the village that will be redeveloped into an area of land that will be pleasing to the eye for residents.

The aim of our Artsmark journey is to establish our uniqueness in the present and the future through the arts and encourage our children to value their creativity both as individuals and collectively. Art has helped us to understand our heritage and will mould our future.