Blog: Arts Award Support by Jane Gray

10 July 2018

Blog: Arts Award Support by Jane Gray

I am really lucky to be part of the Arts Award Support panel in the North East – it’s one of the things I love doing most out of my myriad of freelance roles.  I think it suits my personality and approach to the arts; it’s grassroots, face to face, working hard in the background to make a difference, and includes plenty of tea and cake!  

The most frustrating thing is that so many Advisers don’t make use of the support available, and it’s all absolutely free!  You can book onto surgeries, book onto webinars and request a face to face visit or remote support.  It’s wonderful when an Adviser attends a surgery or requests a visit, and we can identify things that have gone a little awry before getting to moderation.  

We work alongside Advisers to identify problems, and most importantly, solutions, and so it feels positive, pragmatic, forward-thinking, and, as it says on the tin, supportive!  The other great thing about the surgeries in the North East is we work with experienced Advisers to co-deliver them; with them sharing their journeys and top tips for delivering Arts Award, and we’re really excited to be working with a range of Advisers to deliver the surgeries coming up from September.

So why aren’t Advisers accessing the support?  It feels like now might be a good time to bust a few myths:

  1. If you book support, Arts Award don’t mark you down as a bad Adviser
  2. It doesn’t mean you don’t know what you’re doing
  3. You can attend all the surgeries and webinars you want to, AND still request a support visit
  4. You can access or request support at any point in your Arts Award journey; planning stages, during delivery, pre-moderation, post-moderation
  5. Support is available for Advisers doing any/ all levels of Arts Award
  6. It’s for all Advisers – whether you trained last week or over ten years ago*
  7. It’s for Advisers in any setting – Schools, arts and cultural organisations, children’s services…
  8. There’s no such thing as a stupid question
  9. Did we mention it’s free?
  10. The Arts Award Support panel are lovely, lovely humans and not monsters**

*I feel so old

**They are liable to turn into one if you don’t feed them tea and cake

So, what are you waiting for?  I’ll look forward to seeing you at one of the surgeries in the North East soon…

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PS Don’t forget you can also request 121 support and book onto webinars!