Newcastle Cultural Education Partnership

The Newcastle Cultural Education Partnership (NCEP) was established in response to Arts Council England’s Cultural Education Challenge, led initially by headteachers from across the seven educational trusts in the city. The NCEP brings together a critical mass of organisations to support children and young people to reach their full potential as creative, connected, active, and engaged citizens.

Aims and objectives

The NCEP draws on the skills, knowledge, experience and resources of partner organisations to develop strategic, joined up action that will benefit children, young people and communities across Newcastle upon Tyne.

Our goal is that children and young people are able to reach their full potential as creative, connected, active and engaged citizens.


  • There is greater breadth in the school curriculum for children and young people, with opportunities to engage with the arts and culture at all stages, including transition points.
  • There is greater equality of opportunity to access the arts for children and young people across all schools in Newcastle trusts, sustained by specific knowledge and skills.
  • More children and young people engage with the cultural offer inside and outside school, particularly those from excluded groups.
  • More parents are aware of and support the cultural programme and the activities on offer.

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The NCEP currently runs the following initiatives, in partnership with the Gateshead Cultural Education Partnership:

  • Annual Marketplace event: this informal networking event creates space for conversations and connections between teachers and cultural educators.
  • Teachers’ Cultural Network: a termly CPD event with a focus on cultural education, across all art forms and subject areas. A chance for teachers to share best practice, learn something new, and take part in exploratory new projects with cultural organisations.

In March 2019, the NCEP was successful in bidding for Partnership Investment to build upon its work with schools across Newcastle who do not traditionally engage with arts and cultural organisations. These schools will be supported by the NCEP to explore how the arts could link to their school development plans, and to work with cultural organisations to co-create experiences for their pupils. This work led to the creation of the #Inspired by programme which is running with three cohorts of schools across Newcastle, each working with an artist or cultural organisation, with the ambition to add more schools in 2021. 


  • Anna Disley (Chair) (New Writing North, Executive Director)
  • Liz Simpson (Vice Chair) (Knop Law Primary School, Headteacher)
  • Becky Jackson (Cragside Primary School, Headteacher)
  • Matthew Ward (West Jesmond Primary School, Headteacher) 
  • Rob Adams (South Gosforth First School, Headteacher) 
  • Judith Sword (St Paul's Primary School, Headteacher) 
  • Debi Bailey (NEAT, CEO) 
  • Ashley McCluskey (Kingston Park Primary School, Teacher)
  • Jayne Evans (Kingston Park Primary, Headteacher) 
  • Lisa Macaulay (Atkinson Road Primary School, Headteacher) 
  • Maria Elliott (English Martyrs Primary, Headteacher) 
  • Laura Stocks (Sacred Heart Secondary School, Teacher)
  • Anita Bath (Sacred Heart Secondary School, Headteacher) 
  • Helen Green (Live Theatre, Children and Young People's Lead) 
  • James MacGallivray (Ballet Lorent, Education and Projects Manager)
  • Carey Fluker-Hunt (Freelance artist)
  • Clare Smith (TWAM, Head of Learning and Participation) 
  • Georgina Biddle (Music Partnership North, Senior Specialist) 
  • Andrew Rothwell (Newcastle City Council, Culture and Tourism Manager) 
  • Jeanne Hale (Freelance consultant) 

Get in touch

To get in touch, please contact Andrew Garrad , Culture Bridge North East Area Manager.