Imagine If... Digital Conference Series 15 - 19 Nov 2021

Imagine if... creativity gave us the freedom to learn without inhibition and to accept mistakes as part of our life-long discovery.

Imagine If... digital conference series 2021: recorded sessions

Our annual conference brings together delegates from the education and culture sectors to explore a key theme each year. 

Imagine If… 2021 showcased how we can take creative risks without the fear of failing and help children and young people sustain their early creative bravery in life.

Below are the recorded sessions:

Mortal Fools: Learning environments that support grit and build bounce
TIN Arts: Disrupt + Discover - Exploring new models of delivery through co-production          
Cragside Primary: Let’s be realistic! Juggling creative, child-led learning with classroom pressures

Hotspur Primary: Accidental Learning - Mistakes, Experiments and Creativity
Newcastle University: Project based learning: developing students’ curiosity and creativity
Music: Rap for language and literacy: fostering cross-curricular development
LEGO Foundation: Is Creative Technology a way to promote 'Learning over Failing'?