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Creative Classrooms resources

What are Creative Classrooms? 

Creative classrooms are deliberately and consciously planned learning spaces which give an opportunity for students to learn with fun, to express themselves freely and to follow their passions.  There is a focus on practical activities which make room for productive discussion, problem solving and visual reflection.  Together these ingredients stimulate imaginative, critical and  innovative thinking capabilities, as well as, providing emotional security and an opportunity to grow in confidence as both a person and as a learner.

Our resources have two main purposes: 

  1. To explore the meaning of Creative Classrooms defining nine key themes which can be used to design Creative Classroom experiences 
  2. To provide a teacher’s guide and toolkit based on case studies which highlight key features of transferable learning across the most prominent themes.

Within each topic we'll be looking at: 

  • Creative intention
  • Creative ideas for development