Creative Classrooms - Resources from other organisations

Resources from other organisations

Here are a selection of brilliant resources and reference points that you can use to help make your classrooms even more creative.

Resources for school governors

Seven Stories - Book resources

Hooks into Books is a great focus for your Reading for Pleasure strategy, and can be used to raise the status of books and reading across your school or setting. Short on time to find the perfect books for your class?

 The Seven Stories team carefully select from the thousands of children’s books published each year and develop information and activities to create packs of seven books for each Key Stage available on subscription.

Find out more about Hooks into Books.

Here are some examples of these resources that you can download and use in your classroom.


I Really Want to Win

Somebody Swallowed Stanley

Slow Samson



Herring Hotel

My Hair


Small in the City

The Boy with the Butterfly Mind

 Owen and the Solider

Action for Children

Action for Children in Northumberland ran a project called 'Voice of the Creative'.

It was funded by Arts Council England along with Northumberland County Council and bait and was run in the Ashington, Bedlington and Newbiggin areas of Northumberland which have some of the lowest literacy rates in the UK. 

Action for Children has various artist led programmes for children aged 0-19 and their parents/carers. 

Find out more by reading the self evaluation from from their previous project ‘Voice of the Child’.

Here is a video that documents the ‘Voice of the Child’ project.

Create Aspire Transform

The Create Aspire Transform Programme full evaluation report can be downloaded here.

The Create Aspire Transform Programme summary report can be downloaded here.