Exciting opportunity for 5 NE schools to take part in a short-term CBNE programme

06 July 2021

How can cultural learning and access to art and culture, support issues children and young people are facing at this time?

Culture Bridge North East has an exciting opportunity for five North East schools to take part in a short-term programme to explore the question: "How can cultural learning and access to art and culture, support issues children and young people are facing at this time?" 

We know that children and young people have faced different issues and experiences over the last year during the pandemic and we know that schools are now responding to many existing and emerging issues. We also know that child poverty rates have increased, particularly in the North East, and some challenges and issues faced have been exacerbated, for example, school attendance, mental health and wellbeing, access to social interactions and poverty.

We would like to work with five schools in the region to identify what key challenges are being faced at this time and how a creative response to this issue can have a positive impact upon children and young people. 

If you are a remote school or a school in an area of high deprivation, experience poor transport links or have barriers to engagement with cultural activity and would be interested in taking part in this programme please contact bridge@twmuseums.org.uk expressing your interest in being considered for the programme. We will then send you a short expression of interest form over the summer for completion mid-September 2021. All applications will be considered and successful applicants will be confirmed at the end of September. The programme will be completed by March 2022. A bursary of £3,000 per school will be available along with support and guidance from a Creative Producer.

You will be required to host a CPD session at end of the programme and share findings with wider networks – this will be supported by the Creative Producer and the Culture Bridge North East Team.

If you are interested in applying for this opportunity, please contact us by Friday 16 July to register your interest and an expression of interest form will be sent to you for completion at the start of the new term.