Celebration as 57 North East schools showcase their creative talents with national Artsmark Awards!

19 July 2018

Celebration as 57 North East schools showcase their creative talents with national Artsmark Awards!

We’re thrilled to announce that we have hit a milestone as 50 + North East schools are nurturing budding creatives with the help of Culture Bridge North East and The Forge. Our schools are overcoming challenges to maintain the arts within their curriculum by gaining access to the best arts & culture organisations that help to develop children’s learning within the region.

Every school to receive an Artsmark Award level had to develop their arts and culture provision to achieve a broad and balanced curriculum. This was achieved by creating an overall plan that was committed to and delivered across the whole school.

Nine new North East schools have just been awarded their Artsmark Award and have worked incredibly hard. We are absolutely delighted with the overall success of the region. 

Artsmark is a great way to help support and develop the arts within schools and to attain an Artsmark Award of silver, gold or platinum is a process that takes real dedication. Before working towards your Artsmark Award, a school must first register with the Artsmark scheme, then a designated teacher will take part in a development day and create a ‘statement of commitment’.

Once this is complete the teacher and school can work towards gaining their Artsmark level. Culture Bridge North East and The Forge work with schools and art & cultural organisations to support creative learning and have found that arts led programmes to encourage children’s development improve language skills, personal identity, imaginative thought, and confidence.

Culture Bridge North East and The Forge are committed to ensuring that as many North East schools as possible sign up to Artsmark so we can continue to help unlock the potential of children and young people across our region and ensure they become successful, well-rounded individuals ready to take their next steps after school. According to the World Economic Forum, by 2020, creativity will be in the top three most important skills.

Melanie Carter, Area Manager, Culture Bridge North East said: “We are absolutely delighted to see so many schools receive their Artsmark Award. It’s fantastic to see that school leaders are recognising the prestige and intrinsic importance of this award in supporting an arts-focused curriculum.”