Call-out: Freelance communications professional

22 November 2021

Youth Voice Communications Campaign

Youth voice is a cross-cutting theme in our delivery plan for 2021-23. Our ambition is to embed youth voice into every strand of our work and ensure that it becomes an essential element of all our programmes and initiatives. 

Through this consultancy, we are seeking to develop a communications campaign that does three things:

  • Highlights the golden thread of youth voice running throughout our programme, by sharing case studies, stories and blogs focusing on the youth voice aspect of our strands of work.
  • Celebrates best practice from across the region, from the education, youth and cultural sectors, of meaningful consultation and co-creation with young people. 
  • Shares the views and concerns of young people in the North East, and acts as a call to action for the cultural sector to work more closely and meaningfully with young people to address these needs.

The range of work will include research and analysis to help us understand if and how our work, and that of the wider cultural sector, is meeting the needs of children and young people from a diverse range of backgrounds. You will be required to research and generate inspiring stories, case studies and blogs via a range of mediums, and develop an appropriate name and brand for the campaign.

An understanding of the education, cultural and youth sectors would be an advantage. You will have a background in developing communications campaigns and in innovative approaches to grabbing the attention and interest of new audiences.

Deadline for submission of proposals: 17:00, Friday 3 December 2021

Download the full brief here