A call for a North-East Theatre Company/Creative Organisation

04 November 2021

Benfield School, in collaboration with Culture Bridge North East, is seeking to commission a theatre company/creative organisation/artist collective to deliver an innovative school project, with experience of delivering and devising theatre alongside young people. The company must have experience of delivering educational workshops and creative learning programmes that can be adapted to fit the needs and voices of all pupils. 

Benfield School prides itself on inspiring young people through theatre and enabling them to thrive through participation. This unique and exciting project will challenge practice and thinking around partnership working between schools and creative companies/practitioners and the project will put pupils at the heart of devising professional, contemporary theatre.

Working with drama students aged 11-14, the company will co-create a piece of contemporary theatre which is reflective of both the students’ lives and how they feel that they fit into the world. Pupils have begun exploring potential umbrella themes that they would like to use for their devising process; namely around the subjects of diversity, neurodiversity and social class and are wanting to explore more around the wider joys and challenges of being a young person in 2021. 

Application deadline: Monday 15 November 2021

Download the full brief here