Let's Circus

Let’s Circus can bring international artists to your school with hands-on, animal-free indoor or outdoor performances.

Let’s Circus helps young people gain a broad experience for all or some elements of their Art Award, while increasing their resilience and self confidence. Circus has a charming quality, inspiring for extroverts and introverts alike due to its physical nature and diversity of skills.

Let’s Circus’ tailored workshops, with experienced Arts Award Advisers, as well as specialists in graphic design, visual arts, circus history including World War One, sciences, and geology, are tailored to suit the age and ability of the group,
whether in year-long projects or one off sessions.

Gold Arts Award participants can gain work experience, and mentoring is offered to candidates wishing to undertake a circus project.

  • Out of school
  • PE
  • Tyne and Wear

Visitor Information

  • 7 Rothwell Road Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 1TY
  • 07816 278 297
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