Northumberland Cultural Education Partnership

Northumberland Cultural Education Partnership was established in 2016 to bring together the county’s education and cultural sectors in order to meet the needs of its children and young people. It seeks to find ways to minimise the barriers to cultural engagement and to support the co-creation of opportunities between the two sectors and in partnership with young people themselves.

Aim and objectives

The CEP has an ambition for Northumberland's children and young people to develop new ways of seeing themselves, their communities and the wider world through creative experiences and activities, enabling them to become confident, active citizens ready to face the future.


  • All Northumberland schools develop a cultural entitlement plan that embeds engagement in the curriculum and across the school
  • Greater equality of opportunity for children and young people's engagement across Northumberland, supported by a stronger partnership network
  • More opportunities for children and young people to collaborate in planning and leading learning
  • All stakeholders and partners to engage with reflective learning
  • More children, young people and families engaging in activities that develop positive perceptions and greater ownership of arts and culture
  • A broader range of skills is developed in the curriculum.

Click to view Northumberland Cultural Education Partnership Theory of Change document


Northumberland CEP has been carrying out some scoping work to better understand the issues facing schools across the county, in order to better support them. They have surveyed 61 schools about their current arts provision, the barriers they face, and the support that they would like to see, and are using the findings from this to build a delivery plan.

The CEP is currently delivering two Start programmes in association with Museums Northumberland, and Theatre Sans Frontiers & Queens Hall, working with a total of 16 schools that currently lack frequent access to quality arts experiences to develop long-term partnerships over a 3-year period. Work is also underway to plan for a Partnership Investment bid in 2021. 


  • Kiz Crosbie (Mortal Fools, CEO) 
  • Ruth Brown (Duchess's Community High School, Head of Art & Creative Arts Faculty) 
  • Rosie Bush (Duchess's Community High School, Teacher)
  • Charlotte Jones (Morpeth Chantry and Newminster Middle Schools, Teacher, Director of Creative Arts) 
  • Gillian Linkleter (Collingwood School, Headteacher) 
  • Clare Crow (Hexham First School, Teacher) 
  • Fiona Johnstone (Music Partnership North, Business Development Manager)
  • Val Tobiass (The Maltings/Berwick Visual Arts, Learning and Engagement Officer)
  • Liz Ritson (Museums Northumberland, Programes and Learning Manager)
  • Louise Taylor-Asheg (November Club, Participation Producer) 
  • Katy Taylor (Queens Hall, Artistic Director) 
  • Wendy Scott (Northumberland County Council, Cultural Development Manager) 
  • Dave Cookson (Northumberland County Council, Commissioner for Secondary Education & Sixth Forms)

The CEP is always keen to hear from representatives from the education sector in Northumberland who would be interested in joining this strategic steering group.

Get in touch

To get in touch, please contact Stephanie Pym , Culture Bridge North East Area Manager.