North Tyneside Cultural Education Partnership

The North Tyneside Cultural Education Partnership (NTCEP) aims to increase connectivity between the education and cultural sectors in North Tyneside, by increasing awareness of the cultural offer, and supporting schools to use the arts to meet their wider objectives.

Aims and objectives

The NTCEP has recently created a Theory of Change that sets out its vision for cultural provision for young people in North Tyneside. The group’s ambition is for all children and young people to be active participants in creative opportunities which enhance their resilience, confidence and wellbeing.


  • There is increased awareness of the cultural opportunities available within North Tyneside, and how to access them.
  • Every school in North Tyneside is evidencing a broad range of involvement in the arts through their school development plan.
  • Schools and artists co-produce a culturally rich curriculum, in and out of school.
  • Children and young people co-create arts and cultural opportunities in North Tyneside and take the initiative.
  • Children and young people say that their resilience, confidence and wellbeing have improved thanks to participation in a rich cultural life.

Click to view North Tyneside Cultural Education Partnership Theory of Change document


The NTCEP is currently developing an activity plan to inform its direction for the next 3 years. The group is currently engaging a local creative marketing firm to consult with the young people of North Tyneside to develop a forward plan that resonates with them and provides them with the changes that they would like to see.

The group also has close connections with North Tyneside’s Culture, Health and Wellbeing delivery group and is exploring joint ways of working.


  • Catherine Hearne, Helix Arts (Chair)
  • Julie Dorr, North Tyneside Music Education Hub (Vice Chair)
  • Rachel Adamson, Bigfoot Arts Education
  • Carol Alevroyianni, SALTo Arts
  • Chris Bishop, North Tyneside Council (Cultural Services)
  • Steve Bishop, North Tyneside Council (Cultural Services)
  • Sharron Colpitts-Elliott, Rockcliffe First School
  • Kehri Ellis, North Tyneside Learning Trust
  • Paula McCormack, Wallsend Children's Community
  • Emma Peak, Wallsend Children’s Community
  • Lucy Roderick, Norham High School
  • Gill Taylor, Christchurch Primary School
  • Emma Thomas, Seaton Delaval Hall
  • Rachel Warkcup, North Tyneside Libraries
  • Virginia Wilkinson, Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums 
  • Claire Withers, Fordley Primary School
  • Rachel Woods, Whitehouse Primary School
  • Mel Burgess, Culture Bridge North East

Get in touch

To get in touch, please contact Mel Burgess, Culture Bridge North East.