CreatED Art and Design: Drawing and Poetry in the Primary Classroom

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Join Artist Rachel Thompson for an exciting session focussing on drawing and mark making techniques



Thursday 21 October

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Online event

10:00 - 11:30

Join Artist Rachel Thompson, Artist and Illustrator, for an exciting CreatED CPD session focussing on drawing and mark making classroom techniques

This session will explore how you can use a range of drawing and mark making techniques to respond to poetry and the written word. A particular emphasis will be placed on the mindful aspects of drawing and how connecting with language and emotive words can develop ideas, express our experiences as well as our imagination. 

Participants will learn ways to gently begin an art lesson through guided warm up exercises, paving the way for a creatively fulfilling lesson ahead, regardless of whether the written word is a feature of that lesson. 

In addition, the activities covered are of real benefit in terms of good sketchbook practice. Participants will learn how regular engagement with sketchbooks can further develop a child’s creative voice. 

The activities will form a collection of warm up exercises that teachers can take into their own classrooms and adapt as they see fit.